Petro-Ex Canada
Training, Technical Expertise, Engineering and Consulting in Hydrocarbon Processing

Mission & Strategy

Our mission is to serve and fulfill the ever-growing needs of the worldwide oil and gas industries through the embodiment and endorsement of innovation and corporate responsibility.

We strive to utilize the knowledge, creativity and ingenuity of our capable team members, arrived at through their years of industry experience, to innovate and arrive at solutions that answer not only to engineering and business needs but also to society and the global environment.

Founded by experienced industry leaders in chemical engineering, Petro-Ex Canada, Ltd. offers a unique advantage by providing engineering and training services with a proven track record of success.

Petro-Ex Canada Inc. takes great pride in offering leading-edge services in project management, engineering consulting, training and education. Our team members’ years of experience, expertise and attention to detail has allowed us to develop all-encompassing services covering the various needs of oil and gas companies. Our training and educational programs offer hands-on learning not only in our group of companies but also at leading institutes, using innovative technologies and knowledgeable instructors. The use of simulation technologies allows us to train students to gain experience and confidence in navigating complex environments.