Petro-Ex Canada Inc. Design, Engineering, Fabrication, Supply and Installation of Crude Oil & Gas Processing Equipment
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CPPE designs and supplies various types of Desalters for crude oil processing.

Our desalters are designed to:

  • protecting downstream equipment

As produced, the crude oil contains undesirable contaminants. These contaminants include water (brine containing various amounts of salts) and insoluble solids such as sand, silt and crystalline salts. Fortunately these undesirable contaminants are heavier than crude oil and can be reduced to acceptable levels when the water content is reduced to the minimum.

  • Dual Wave (AC / DC) Desalter
  • AC Type Desalter

  • Our desalters are designed to reduce salt level to 5 PTB.
  • Water and base sediments (BS&W) as low as 0.2%
  • Mechanical Design based on ASME SEC VIII DIV. 1

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