Petro-Ex Canada Inc. Design, Engineering, Fabrication, Supply and Installation of Crude Oil & Gas Processing Equipment
Business Activities

Engineering & Design

What We Offer
    Basic Engineering
  • Design Basis Verification
  • Conceptual Design
  • Preliminary Plot Plan
  • Heat and Material Balance
  • P&ID
  • Equipment Sizing
  • Instrument Specification
  • Preliminary Material selection
  • Electrical Single Line Diagram
  • Process Description
    Detailed Engineering
  • Equipment Mechanical calculations
  • Material selection
  • Piping design and stress analysis
  • Plot Plan
  • 3D Scanning/Modelling & Printing
  • Computer Simulation of Process Flow
  • Systems Performance Modelling
  • Civil and structural design
  • Instruments loop and wiring diagram, cable layout, control system installation details
  • Electrical wiring diagram, cable layout, power distribution drawings, MCC & Switch Room details
    Process Engineering
  • Conceptual Design
  • Heat And Material Balance (HMB)
  • Process Flow Diagram (PFD’s)
  • Process & Instrument Flow Diagram (P&ID’s)
  • Utility Flow Diagram (UFD’S)
  • Line Sizing, Hydraulic Calculation & Analysis
  • PSV’s Sizing, Relief Load Calculation & Contingency Analysis
  • Equipment & Instruments Data Sheet , Line Designation Tables
  • Utility Calculation / Summary Table
  • Process Description
  • Process Simulation
  • Material Selection Diagram (MSD’s)
  • PHA , HAZOP & Safety Review /Analysis
  • Corrosion Protection Systems (Paints & Coatings)
  • Commissioning, Start Up, Shut Down Procedure
  • Operation And Maintenance Manual (O&M)
  • Process Audit
    Mechanical Engineering
  • Calculation Of Pressure Parts Thickness, Pressure Rating Specification
  • Bulk Material Take-Off
  • Piping Stress Analysis
  • Detailed Engineering Drawings
  • Welding Procedures (WPS)
  • Equipment Test Procedures
  • Installation Procedures Static & Rotary Equipment
    Electrical Engineering
  • Skid Edge Junction Box Specification
  • Power and Instrument Cable Tray Layout and Details
  • Detailed Wiring Diagrams
  • Power Distribution System, Substation & OHL
  • Switchgear, Power Transformer
  • E-House, UPS, DC/AC System
  • Single Line Diagrams (SLD), Load List, Cable Schedule/Tray Lay Out
  • Bill Of Material (BOM / MTO)
  • Elementary /Connection Wiring Diagrams (EWD & CWD)
  • Synchronization Panel, Lighting System
  • Grounding System, Single Line Diagrams (SLD)
  • Cable Specification ,Cable Schedule/Tray Lay Out
  • Power Distribution Design, Motor Control Centers (MCC)
  • Auto Transfer System, Diesel Generator, MV & LV Motors, Fire Alarm System
  • System Automation (SCADA, DCS, PLC)
  • Hazardous Area Classification
  • Start-Up, Commissioning and Product Support
  • Process Optimization & Trouble Shooting
    Instrumentation and Control
  • Detailed Specification for Field Instruments
  • Loop and wiring diagrams
  • Power and Instrument Cable tray layout and details
  • Logic description
  • Logic diagram
  • Test procedure for instruments loop
  • Standard Instrumentation Installation details for off-skid instrumentation
    Civil Engineering
  • Site investigation, Feasibility study & cost analysis
  • Topographical Work and Specifications
  • Earth Works
  • Design of Field Accommodation Buildings
  • Equipment & Machinery Foundation & Concrete Structure
  • Anchor Blocks for Piping
  • Pipe Rack Foundations
  • Rough Grading Drawings
  • Finish Grading Drawings
  • Equipment Foundation Drawings for Tank Farm Secondary Containment
  • Evaporation Pond (off site)
  • Technical Specification for Foundations
  • Building Architectural & HVAC (MCC & Control room)
    Structural Engineering
  • Pipe rack structural steel drawings and details
  • Standard Ladders, platforms, walkways and stairways drawings
  • Structural and Architectural for the following buildings:
    • MCC and electrical sub-station
    • Power house
    • Maintenance room
    • Office, including living quarters
    • Control room
    • Service facilities
    Piping Design
  • Plant layout & Piping Design
  • Preparation of Plot Plan
  • Piping Hydraulics Calculation
  • Piping Material specification
  • 3D models for pipe rack and interconnecting piping
  • MTO of pipe, valves and fittings
  • Piping plans and elevations cut from model
  • Off-skid isometrics for 1 ½” and above piping

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