Welcome to Petro-Ex Canada

Petro-Ex Canada (PEC) is engaged in Engineering Design, project-management, training, and the supply of technical know-how and services for Hydrocarbon Processing. We are actively serving the Petroleum Industries in North America and abroad, with a focus in North Africa and the Middle-East.

Our management team has years of experiencing and is able to offer clients an umbrella of services and expertise in project management, consultancy , procurement, training, engineering/design and fabrication of material and equipment for petrochemical , oil and gas industries. We also offer manufacturing , supply-chain management, and other related services to the oil and gas sector.

Petro-Ex operates worldwide and is registered in the province of Ontario, Canada. We are licensed and accredited to carry out operations pertaining to engineering activities.

Careers at Petro-Ex

Petro-Ex bring together vetted and highly qualified personnel from throughout the oil and gas industry to produce first-class solutions.

We are always seeking high-performance, talented individuals to join our global operations.

Our Expertise

Experienced in a diverse range of engineering services, we offer a comprehensive range of solutions to the oil and gas industries.

Our Commitment

Petro-Ex strives to continuously infuse state of the art technology into our training and consulting opportunities.

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