Petro-Ex Canada
Training, Technical Expertise, Engineering and Consulting in Hydrocarbon Processing

Management & Simulation Software

Petro-Ex works in cooperation with two major US based companies, Ingenious and Chemstations, to provide a number of excellent petroleum related software packages capable of serving the following general applications:

  • Troubleshooting existing processes
  • Debottlenecking process plants
  • Planning and scheduling to optimize/maximize profit of an existing feedstock and products stream
  • Process design, of both a new grassroots process plant or where it is desired to add new process units as a revamp of an existing installation
  • Training, of operating engineers and/or plant operators

Our services include not only the sales, but also the modeling and training, aided by our advanced process simulation software capable of bringing our clients’ systems in line with or ahead of the competition Increasing customer demands for the above applications have resulted in better, faster, cheaper, and easier to use simulation software of increasing complexity. As a result, we provide the most advanced and cost effective software in today’s market for the following applications/services:

  • Processing
  • Refining
  • Planning and scheduling
  • Operations
  • Maintenance
  • Instrumentation