Petro-Ex Canada
Training, Technical Expertise, Engineering and Consulting in Hydrocarbon Processing

About Us

Who we are

Petro-Ex Canada Inc. (PEC) is a Canadian company, federally registered and operating under private ownership. Based in Toronto, Canada, Petro-Ex integrates innovation and expertise to offer business solutions to oil and gas companies all around the globe. PEC specializes in serving major international companies in the oil and gas industries by providing project management, consulting and engineering expertise and training solutions to meet and exceed their project needs.

Founded by knowledgeable experts in the field of oil, gas and petrochemical processing, Petro-Ex is able to offer clients the benefits of expertise gained through years of in-the-field experience. Petro-Ex’s project management and consulting division also houses an experienced team of engineers with the knowledge and expertise to meet the engineering and design challenges facing the petrochemical industry.

What we do

At Petro-Ex we strive to continue setting the highest benchmarks in the industry for effective, timely and innovative solutions. Our clients are consistently satisfied with our knowledgeable and experienced engineers who are ready and committed to lead at any stage of a project.

Petro-Ex offers full service for general engineering and technical services support using highly skilled nationals and expatriates from all over the world.

Our Partners

Petro-Ex has partnered with a number of leading learning institutes in Canada to offer progressive and innovative educational and training programs to students and organizations around the world. With an emphasis on experiential learning, training programs provide students with individual work stations where students have access to modern software, combining virtual training with live lectures and individualized attention from training staff. Petro-Ex’s instructors and training staff integrate academic theory and years of experience in the oil, gas and petrochemical industry to continuously offer our students a world-class education.

We welcome and appreciate your interest in Petro-Ex and trust that you will consider us in the provision of technical services and support.

Our Mission

Our Misssion is to serve and fulfill the ever-growing needs of the worldwide oil and gas industries by leadership in providing knowledgable, qualified, experienced, and capable personnel. Founded by experienced industry leaders in chemical engineering, Petro-Ex Canada, Ltd. offers a unique advantage by providing engineers and training with a proven track record for success.